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colours Small, but powerfully entertaining! 

Testimonials: the roar of the crowd

23rd & 24 th August 2014 - Dunsfold


We have seen your display today at Dunsfold. My friend and I absolutely loved what you did with those tiny aircraft and the balloon popping game was the most fun event from the whole show.

I hope to see you again soon. Many happy landings!

Thank you!

Marcin Gorecki


26th August 2012 - Dunsfold

Watched the Team perform at Dunsfold on Sunday 26 August. What a good show it is particularly as a contrast to the fast jets. Colourful, close to the crowd and spectacular with balloon bursting, bombing and low flying believe it was a highlight of the display. Brendan's commentary did you proud and whipped up spectator interest encouraging more audience participation than for any other event. The Turb Team would enhance any air display day.

My congratulations to you and all members of the Team and support. I ran 2 airshows while serving in the Navy and always felt that there should be a balance between pleasing the true aficionado who wanted to see the latest and noisiest jet and families and children who more appreciated quieter and entertaining displays. The reaction of the crowd around us at Dunsfold clearly displayed their enjoyment of the Turb routine.

 John Ford – Royal Navy (Rtd) – Former Station Commander, Yeovilton AirBase


th & 30th August 2010  -  Dunsfold

“Fantastic display.  The Reds thoroughly enjoyed it.  Outstanding how you are able to land such tiny aircraft in such bumpy conditions.  You certainly had your work cut out more than we did with all that power behind us!”

Red 5 Flight Lieutenant Zane Sennett, Dunsfold Wings and Wheels 2010.

26th June 2010 – High Halden

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the wonderful display you did for us - it was brilliant! It was really exciting and a real surprise for everyone, as we'd somehow managed to keep it quiet! People are still raving about it now.

Thanks again for helping to make a great day even better



19th June 2010 - Girl Guide Event Folkestone Racecourse

Hi Jules,

Not sure if you'll pick this up before tomorrow, but please pass on our thanks to the team for the wonderful display.  I'm not sure whether you were low enough to pick up the cheer that went up as you flew past waving, but it was certainly heartfelt, & the girls & leaders were all coming up to say how much they had enjoyed it, especially the bombs & balloons.

A local guider said it had taken a lot of discussion with one of her brownies to convince her you weren't leaning out of the cockpit with a pin to burst the balloons. :-)) :-))

Fingers crossed for better weather tomorrow.


Diane x

23th April 2010 - Gatwick

Judy Grant 

"I couldn't believe my eyes on Saturday when, instead of the usual jumbo jet or two, I saw a formation of Tiger Moths in a variety of different colours flying over Gatwick Airport runway!!  I tried to explain what I had just seen to a friend - and wasn't believed.  In fact I received a very strange look indeed.

I'm so glad you posted the news on your website, I have printed off the page and will take great delight in showing the evidence, and accepting an apology!

I enjoy your website and the displays, and look forward to seeing the team at functions during the summer.  Definitely the Wings and Wheels show at Dunsfold."

Kind regards


3rd May 2009 - Muswell Manor, Sheppey

Robin J Brooks. 

"Hello Alan and Julie. In case you did not get my message on your phone, thank you so much again for Sunday. It was a fabulous display and the crowd certain cheered and enjoyed it very much. Whoever was flying the Stampe also got our grateful thanks for a superb display. I shall hopefully see you at Headcorn sometime but again from all the committee, a huge thanks."

"the Turbulent team are one of the best in the country. For any event whether large or small, the thrill of seeing these colourful aircraft 'bomb bursting and balloon bursting' will thrill the hardest of souls. They are something quite British and just what we need at this time"


14th June 2009 - RAF Cosford

Wing Commander W R Hartree (Retd) – Display Director

“I would like to thank you for displaying the Turbulent Team at Cosford again this year.  Your barnstorming display, full of colour was a great way to really get the show going this year and captivated our audience; quite literally stopping the traffic"