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August 2021

This month, the Turb Team had the pleasure of displaying at one of Duxford’s Flying Days. We were delighted to be able to display at Duxford, a venue that we have not been to in recent years. After a tricky transit flight the weather cleared and we had a fantastic day. We hope to see you there again in the future!

June 2021

Exciting news! We are delighted to announce that Andy and Alex have achieved their CAA display authorisations to fly with the team, and we hope that they will join us at a display near you soon. Dave has upgraded his authorisation to become our newest formation leader. Well done all!

June 2021

We were delighted to display at the Midlands Air Festival in June. What a fantastic event in fantastic weather – thanks for having us! It’s really exciting to be back displaying and we’re really hopeful that we’ll be able to add some more dates to our season soon.

May 2021

After a period of enforced ‘no flying’ during lockdown, the team began an intense period of pre-season work up in mid April. We hope to have two new team members join this season, as well as a new formation leader. Our first display of the season at Stow Maries Wings and Wheels was a big success- check out ‘where to find us’ to track us down!”

January 21

Like everyone else, the Turb Team are in ‘lockdown’ at the moment. We managed to get one display booking last summer during what was a very short display season all round – that ko to our friends at Stow Maries for having us (http://www.stowmaries.org.uk/). We’re in discussion with a few display organisers this year, but at this stage we don’t know what the 2021 display season will look like. We will keep our fingers crossed that we can entertain you at a display soon. Keep safe everyone!


20 Jun 20 Turb Training resumes!

Since COVID restrictions have begun to ease, the Team has been busy finishing pre-season maintenance on the aircraft. A few team members recently got together for some socially-distanced formation flying! Although we are sad not to be able to display to our loyal fans at the moment, the silver lining to the cloud is that we can take the opportunity to continue to develop a new team member while the weather is good, and also help other team members to move to new positions within the team.

May 2020 – Flying Restrictions Eased

The Civil Aviation Authority has slightly eased the COVID-19 related restrictions on solo flying as part of the Government’s phased end to ‘lockdown’ during these strange times. Although our aircraft are single seaters, there is still a lot of work for the team to do in order to get back to where we would wish to be in terms of team readiness – and some team members continue to isolate for a variety of reasons. It is not clear yet what will happen to the 2020 display season, since gatherings are not yet permitted. We note that some organisers are trying to postpone displays into the late summer, rather than cancel completely. We will work hard to be ready for the season, should displays prove to be possible this year. Why not follow us on Instagram @theturbulentteam or Twitter @turbteam ?

August 2019 - The Turb Team turns 60!

The Tiger Club’s Turbulent Team is one of the longest established flying display teams, having started in 1959. A lot has changed around the display circuit in that time and Druine Turbulents, which were a new design then, are not only veterans of the display circuit but are also vintage aircraft of historical interest in their own right (and a significant proportion of the Turbulents in the UK have been in club hands at some point). We celebrated our 60th birthday with a party at our home airfield, Damyns Hall in Essex. Many former team members joined us for the day, and as well as flying some practices, we also flew some unusual formations – including a 6-ship formation practice! The Turb team has been a breeding ground for display pilots over the decades, with many of the ‘great and the good’ of the display world having learned their art with the team. We have that tradition will continue, and today we not only have a team of established display pilots but also at any one time two or three pilots who are training to join the team, and of course we also need to develop the next generation of team leaders too! Through this, we hope to continue to entertain the crowds through the next decades too!

August 2019 - Old Warden Family Airshow and A New Team Member!

The Turbulent Team welcomes Richard Vary to the team as its newest display pilot. Richard has been training with the team for a while, whilst also acting as ground crew for some of our displays – an apprenticeship route which seems to prove a good format both for the team and for the new pilot to gain exposure to displays in a low pressure manner. Gaining an initial formation Display Authorisation from the CAA is a significant achievement, and we are delighted to have Richard join the team – well done! Richard also wrote about his experiences at his first display, which was the Old Warden Family Airshow, in December 2019’s edition of Flyer Magazine . It’s a particularly special privilege for to be able to display at Old Warden, amongst such hallowed company as the Shuttleworth Collection’s own aircraft. We look forward to being back before too long!

Midland Air Festival 19th & 20th May 2018

A wonderful start to the display season at the first ever Midland Air Festival at Ragley Hall. Blessed with perfect weather for both days and a lovely country house setting made a great weekend. Over 80 full size balloons and many other aircraft displayed giving the crowd a treat and us lots of fun


2017 Turb Season Review High Lights

From Wings and Wheels events to weddings, from beaches to BBQs and from formatting with a helicopter to formation newbies, 2017 was a fun-packed year for the exuberant and much-loved Turbulent Display Team. Here’s a look back at the fun we had in our 58th year of display flying…

2017 began just as it should with some spit and polish for annual maintenance of the Turbs in late March. As Spring began the team took residence in their new home at Damyns Hall in Essex moving from Kent. Display practices kept the team busy in April with Stow Maries Wings and Wheels event seeing the Turb debut for the season in May in wonderful flying conditions. A sunny evening wedding display in Kent ended the month on a high.

Hot and humid training days in June included a BBQ or two and some great film footage captured by Damyns Hall resident videographer Paul Carpenter (see our Facebook page for the film). In July the team returned to Stow Maries for the Stow Maries At War event. Sadly the rain also made an appearance and much tea was drunk waiting for the weather to clear. Finally a full barnstorming display took place after the showers dissipated to an appreciative crowd - and event organiser!

In August the Turbs were privileged to kick off the air display for the 19th European Gliding Championships Opening Ceremony at Lasham Gliding Centre in Hampshire. We were blessed with stunning weather and treated to displays from warbirds, vintage gliders and glider aerobatics as well as our usual barnstorming fun. At the end of August a new engine was fitted to ARGZ, queue arguments from the pilots on who gets to fly it next...

In September the team travelled north to the Southport Air Show where we received a warm welcome. Stunning weather and chilly temperatures made for bracing but calm conditions after the long transit the day before overnighting at Manchester Barton. The Turb display had raving reviews on social media after the first day with one spectator commenting: “Thank you for your incredible yet very different display! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Please come back!

On the second day of the show the Turbs made a world first with a formation fly past with Otto the Helicopter much to the delight of the audience, organisers, and - of course - the Turb pilots! The barnstorming routine won the hearts of the crowd and many aviation photographers as the Team burst seven balloons and truly obliterated Chateau Le Turbulents. The transit home required dodging showers and the team took the route from Southport to Woodvale to Wolverhampton to Damyns Hall.

A beautifully sunny late September day made for a delightful Autumn Practice with the obligatory Tiger Club BBQ. A couple of the younger pilots flew through the hoop for the first time to much delight. In early December the team donned arctic hats for a spot of winter Turbing on yet another splendid sunny Saturday and we were joined by an aviation photographer who shot some great pictures for us - a great close to the year for the Turbulent Display Team!

Over the winter the team have been busy in the workshop rebuilding G-ARNZ. Read our news update coming soon but in the meantime head on over to our Facebook page for the latest photographs and videos of the project.

Sam Williams